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I understand the Coach is not a licensed therapist and that I am responsible for all my decisions, actions, feelings, courses of action or consequences that may arise from coaching.

I am agreeing to participate in a group learning environment. I will be courteous, respectful, and sensitive to others in the group. If at anytime the Coach feels a member is being disruptive to the learning process, the Coach will have the right to ask the member to leave the group meeting. A resolution will then take place between Coach and the said member. 

Coaching is a professional relationship in which the coach supports emotionally healthy clients to tap into their potential and achieve higher goals according to the desires of the clients. Clients enter a coaching agreement because they are looking for someone who can support them in moving from where they are to where they want to go. Success of the coaching relationship depends on both the client’s intentions, commitment, and actions and the coach’s efforts and application of coaching process.

I, the Coach, believes we are all capable and meant to have happiness in our relationships and marriage. With that said, we only have control over ourselves. We cannot change others. The process I take my clients through enlightens their minds to a new way of thinking. This allows them to understand the way their partner/spouse works and thinks. I believe as we learn knowledge of how men and women work, we are able to release many of the misconceptions and assumptions that we have had. This gives you power to create the relationship you desire. It is an incredible journey. One that not only changes your relationship/marriage but changes YOU as a person. You become more patient, understanding, happing and loving.

All of these benefits are contingent upon you, the client, choosing to apply the knowledge you have learned. All successes will be contributed to how you apply the knowledge to your life. Since we cannot control others there is no guarantee how this information will affect your spouse and their response.

As your “partner in growth,” I will provide worksheets and tools that will help guide you to discover the power within yourself. I am committed to go the extra mile, which along with personal experience, education, and faith-based perspective, is what makes me unique. I offer myself as a servant leader and facilitator of your process.

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What People Are Saying:

“Trina is absolutely amazing and has changed the way I now communicate with my husband. Hands down the best thing I have ever done for my marriage! Thanks Trina!”


“I can't recommend this class enough. I have been married almost 29 years to my best friend. My husband is amazing but this class has changed my marriage in too many ways to count! Our relationship is so much stronger!”


“I have enjoyed every minute of this class! It has helped me to understand my husband better and built a stronger bond between us. Every woman in a relationship, or wanting to be in a relationship should take this course!”